September 21, 2022

Senate Victory Releases Video Featuring All-Female Slate of Five Frontline Candidates

“Front Lines” highlights the diverse slate of Democratic women fighting for our shared values and freedoms.

This week, Senate Victory released a new video featuring Senate Democrats’ strong slate of five pro-choice, female candidates in races across the state working to improve the lives of everyday Floridians: incumbent Democratic powerhouses Senator Loranne Ausley and Senator Janet Cruz, Florida House Member Representative Joy Goff-Marcil, entrepreneur Janelle Perez, and veteran Raquel Pacheco — all working moms who understand what Florida families are up against.

“This November, freedom is on the ballot: freedom to choose, freedom of speech, freedom to be treated equally,” says Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book, “We have the opportunity to elect five incredible, pro-choice women: Senators Loranne Ausley and Janet Cruz, Representative Joy Goff-Marcil, and bold newcomers, Janelle Perez and Raquel Pacheco…they’re running to expand health care, to lower costs, and raise wages for all Floridians.”

View the longform version of “Front Lines” here:

View the shorter version of “Front Lines” here:


“While Republicans continue to rip away our individual liberties and freedoms, we’re working to build an affordable economy for all, a better future for our children, and access to a 21st century quality of life for our entire State,” says Senator Loranne Ausley, the incumbent Senator running to retain her seat in SD 3 in North Florida, which now encompasses 13 mostly rural counties. She has dedicated her career to public service advocating for children, those with disabilities, and public employees. Since joining the Senate, Ausley has fought tirelessly to expand broadband access in North Florida and affordable childcare for working families.

“We are resilient and we are tough… we really are tough. It is not an easy job, but we have to raise our voices to the injustices that we see happening here,” says Senator Janet Cruz, Senate incumbent leading the charge for Democrats in SD 14 in Hillsborough County. After serving as the House Democratic Leader, Cruz joined the Florida Senate in 2018. She brings her passion for education to the Senate fighting to improve teachers’ pay and to ensure Hillsborough students receive a high-quality education.

“I’m Joy Goff- Marcil and I will continue to fight for public schools, a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, and to protect the integrity of our elections,” adds Representative Joy Goff- Marcil. Goff- Marcil has been on the front lines advocating for Central Florida voters while her Republican opponent has been accused of being involved in a ghost scheme and dark money campaign which helped win his seat in 2020. Joy is a strong voice for women’s rights and protector of Florida’s natural environment who will deliver for her community in the Florida Senate.

“I’m Raquel Pacheco, and as a veteran, I’m not afraid of tough fights, because that’s what service to our country means,” says Raquel Pacheco, community leader turned Senate candidate. After coming to the U.S. as a child refugee fleeing the spread of communism, Pacheco joined the Army National Guard and is now a small business owner in Miami- Dade. She is fighting to unseat a controversial member of the GOP who does not believe being gay is permanent.

“I am ready to fight for our future, fight for a better tomorrow for our children. Join me on this journey because together, we can overcome the impossible,” says health care expert, cancer survivor, and mother of two, Janelle Perez who is fighting to keep SD 38 blue. The daughter of Cuban exiles, Janelle wants to make sure every Floridian has an opportunity to achieve their own version of the American Dream.


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