The Issues

What We’re Fighting For


A quality public education is the building block to success for every child in our state. Florida’s Senate Democrats are committed to ensuring that a neighborhood or zip code doesn’t determine a student’s educational outcomes. Senate Democrats will always fight to ensure that our students, teachers, and education professionals have the resources they need to ensure every child achieves their greatest potential. Our future depends on it.

Equal Rights

Equal protection under the law is a right for every Floridian no matter your race, religion, gender identity, or who you love. Senate Democrats are fighting to protect the right to vote, for workplace protections against discrimination directed at our LGBTQ+ community, against hateful and xenophobic attacks on our immigrant communities, and to end the gender pay gap in the workplace to ensure every woman receives equal pay for equal work. Justice for all means equality for everyone.

The Environment

Florida’s environmental treasures are essential to the health of our citizens and to the economic vitality of the state. As Florida continues to see the affects of man-made climate change, Senate Democrats are dedicated to finding science-based solutions that fortify our communities, ensure responsible growth and development that preserves our environment and powers our economy, and provide protections for the Everglades and our natural parks.


Access to quality, affordable healthcare is a right for every Floridian. Florida’s Senate Democrats are working to expand Medicaid to over 800,000 workers in our state to lower costs for prescription drugs and visits to the doctor, to secure funding for treatment for those affected by the opioid epidemic, and against any attempts to limit women’s access to the healthcare options they choose. A healthy Florida is a brighter Florida for everyone.

Worker's Rights

Every worker has the right to a good-paying job that provides dignity and economic security for themselves and their families. Florida’s Senate Democrats are leading the fight to raise the minimum wage, develop vocational training programs, and support the rights of our sisters and brothers in organized labor to collectively bargain for their workers. Senate Democrats know that when our workers succeed, Florida succeeds.

Gun Safety

The tragedies at Pulse and Parkland have shined a light on the epidemic of gun violence, but families across our state continue to suffer due to the power of the NRA in Tallahassee. Florida’s Senate Democrats want commonsense gun safety reforms to keep our communities safe and ensure our children feel protected in their homes and classrooms. It is time to ban assault weapons, implement universal background checks for all firearms purchases, and establish a task force to focus on day-to-day gun violence in urban areas.

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