About Us

Our Mission

Senate Victory is the most important – and successful – Democratic electoral program in Florida. We're dedicated to electing more Democrats to the Florida Senate and defending our Democratic incumbent Senators.

What is Florida Senate Victory?

The Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, better known as Senate Victory, serves as the political and fundraising organization acting on behalf of Florida’s Senate Democratic caucus. Under the direction of Democratic Leader Senator Lauren Book, Senate Victory works to uphold our core values by defending incumbent Democratic Senators and electing more Democrats to the Florida Senate.

For the last decade, Senate Victory has been the leading organization on the frontlines of breaking the Republican monopoly on state government in Florida. Through strategic investment and in partnership with progressive groups in the state and nationally, Senate Victory has picked up Democratic seats in the Florida Senate in every election cycle since 2012. Senate Victory will continue to build on this track record of success to establish a Democratic majority in the Florida Senate and a brighter future for all Floridians!

Meet Our Staff

Christian Ulvert

General Consultant

Sierra Fareed

Finance Director

Ben Estes

Operations Director

Tim Wagner

Political Director

Claire Vansusteren

Communications Director

Meet Our Senators:

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District 31
District 11
District 18
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District 6
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District 38
District 29
District 19
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District 40
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