January 18, 2022

Ileana Garcia Reveals Her True Self

Republican Senator thinks children born out of rape are “presumed second-class citizens”; Floridians should get over discrimination because Barack Obama was President


This week, embattled State Senator Ileana Garcia (R-Miami) joined CBS 4’s Facing South Florida, where she revealed her true self and offered her constituents a look at her core values. She may have ducked and dodged questions we deserve the answers to, but Ileana Garcia made several things very clear: she is itching to radically change Florida by taking away reproductive choice—refusing to support exceptions for victims of rape, incest, and human trafficking; she wants to prolong the COVID-19 pandemic by discouraging vaccinations; and she does not believe racism exists after the Obama presidency.

“Though Senator Ileana Garcia refuses to answer questions on electoral fraud and widespread crime with her 2020 election, she has made clear children born out of rape are seen as second-class citizens and women should be denied the freedom to make decisions over their health care,” said Tim Wagner, political director with the Florida Democratic Party’s Senate Victory campaigns. “Worse, she refuses to share the facts on how life-saving vaccines are the best tool to get ahead of COVID-19 and believes that discrimination in America is over because Barack Obama was elected twice as president of the U.S. These extremist views have no place in the Florida Senate. This November, Ileana Garcia will be held accountable for the fraud tied to her campaign and her out-of-touch beliefs that deny Floridians the very freedoms so many have fought for in this country.”


#1 – Ileana Garcia wants to force a woman to carry a pregnancy resulting from rape— NO exceptions!

[4 :11] Jim DeFede: “Do you believe that abortion should be outlawed, even in cases of rape in incest?”

GARCIA: “I think that that is definitely something that needs to be considered. I’m pro life so I can’t tell you otherwise, Jim.”


#2 – Ileana Garcia is hiding whether or not she has received the safe, tested COVID-19 vaccines.

[12:47] Jim DeFede: “Are you vaccinated and boosted?”

GARCIA: “I don’t think that that’s a subject that everybody should be talking about. I just stay away from that subject, because it just brings about a situation where people stop talking to each other, and that doesn’t resolve anything.


#3 – Ileana Garcia claims that racism and discrimination ended when the United States elected Barack Obama.

[9:37] Jim DeFede: “You don’t think that the African American experience today is different than the experience [of] either yourself or someone like me?”

GARCIA: “No, not at all.”

DeFede: “You think it’s the same?”

GARCIA: “Yes, we do. That’s why we had Obama as president. That’s the best example in the world. Obama was president. Not for four years, for eight. So–you know.”


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